Los Angeles Electric Mobility 4-Wheeled Sport 3 Wheel GoGo Scooter  Los Angeles Electric Mobility 4-Wheeled Sport 3 Wheel GoGo Scooter 

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Go-Go Sport Mobility Scooter Why Should You Buy a Go-Go Sport Mobility Scooter Mobility scooters provide the range and speed that you require.  To compete with your active lifestyle, we streamlined our market-leading Go-Go mobility scooter design. Because of the Go-Go Sport mobility scooter's simple navigation and compact design, you'll never miss Silver Sneakers Splash night at the community rec center again.  The Go-Go Sport scooter provides three-wheeled mobility that allows you to bypass obstacles that previously prevented you from reaching your favorite destinations. Keep that dinner date, renew your gym membership, and tell the grandchildren you'll join them for their midsummer amusement park trip. You and your Go-Go Sport are ready for anything. 

Simple disassembly of a scooter for easy storage.  Because of Pride Mobility's exclusive feather-touch disassembly, you can quickly disassemble the Go-Go Sport and store it in the trunk or back seat when it's time to roll.  Don't let the setting sun ruin your day. Rugged, never-flat tires and a bright LED headlamp keep you moving faster and deeper into the moment.  In terms of distance and speed, the Go-Go Sport revs up the RPMs with top speeds of 4.7 mph and a battery that can carry you up to 16 miles. In short, you'll be ready to retire for the night before your Go-Go Sport.  Los Angeles Electric Mobility Sport 3 Wheel GoGo Scooter 

3-Wheel Go-Go Sport   3-Wheel Go-Go Sport Features:
Weight capacity of 325 lbs.
Turning radius of 36"
Per charge, you can travel up to 12.75 miles.
Tiller adjustment knob is easy to grasp.
Armrests and a compact, foldable seat
Disassembly by feather-touch
Storage is provided by a standard front basket.
The tiller-mounted charger port allows you to conveniently charge your scooter.
For added convenience, the dual voltage charger allows you to charge the battery pack on-board or off-board.
The Delta tiller, which has ergonomic wraparound handles, allows you to operate the scooter with one hand while resting your wrist.
Pride's exclusive non-scuffing black tires
LED lighting that is standard
Seat post with a stable front frame attachment
Includes two sets of easily interchangeable red and blue shrouds. 
Model Go-Go Sport Model S73
number or tires: 3 | 2 3" x 8" Front Tires | 2 3" x 9" solid rear tires
Maximum Speed Up to 4.7 miles per hour
Clearance from the ground:  1.5" at the motor; 1.25" at the rear frame lock
Turning Radius2 36" | Length: 2 42" | Width: 21.25"
Seat-to-Ground Height: 20.5"-22" | Seat-to-Deck Distance: 17"-18"
Seat Dimensions: 17" x 17" 
Weight 92.75 lbs. without batteries | Weight 122.25 lbs. with batteries
The heaviest piece weighs 35.75 lbs (front section)
Each battery weighs 14 pounds.
Battery specifications7 (2) 18AH | Range (maximum) per charge: 8,9 to 12.75 miles
2A Off-Board Battery Charger
Maximum weight capacity is 325 pounds.
Lifetime warranty on the frame;
Electronics have a two-year warranty.
The drivetrain has a two-year warranty.
Color Choices:  Red and blue 
Model Go-Go Sport Model S73 
Why Should You Participate in Los Angeles for a Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Scooter?
Experience the thrill of four-wheeled mobility. You can imagine your life without limits, from the endless excitement of freedom and independence to exceptional portability! Being able to keep up with your active lifestyle and live your best life means everything to you, and now you can enjoy the versatility of driving a compact mobility scooter that fits your every need with the Go-Go Sport. It has plenty of storage, is simple to use, and is simple to transport from your house to your car and then to your destination. 
The Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Electric Scooter, with its feather-touch disassembly, is the ideal choice for the adventurer in you! Whether you are traveling close to home, on a trip, or to the mall, travel has never been easier! Scooter disassembly is a piece of cake. Five lightweight pieces disassemble for quick transport from fully ridable to comfortably fitting into most car trunks.  Allow our LED lighting to illuminate the path ahead as you trek and navigate through low-light areas such as community walkways, grocery store parking lots, and many other routes you may take throughout the day.  los angeles sport 4 wheel electric mobility scooter 

4 wheel mobility senior electric sport gogo scooter 

Los Angeles Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Electric Scooter:

325 lb. weight capacity, Up to 4.7 mph maximum speed, 50.5" turning radius, Up to 12 miles per charge, Easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob, Compact, foldable seat with armrests, Feather-touch disassembly easily disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces for transport and storage, Delta tiller with ergonomic wraparound handles lets you operate the scooter with one hand and rest your wrist, Stable, front frame-mounted seat post, Deck basket for additional storage, Pride’s exclusive black, non-scuffing tires, Standard LED lighting, A standard front basket provides storage, Charger port located on the tiller lets you conveniently charge your scooter, The dual voltage charger permits charging the battery pack on-board or off-board for added convenience, Includes two sets of easily changeable, red and blue colored shrouds, HCPCS Code: K0801 - Group 1 Heavy Duty

Sports S74  by Go-Go 3" x 9" solid 3" x 9" solid 1.5" at the motor; 3" at the controller; up to 4.7 mph 50.5"43"21.25"20.5"-22"17"-18" Foldable and compact; The material is black vinyl. Seat Dimensions: 17" x 17", 100 lb., 129.50 lb., 35.75 lb (front section), (2) 14-pound 18-ampere-hour batteries, 12 miles is possible. 2ANA325 lbs. off-board, K0801- Heavy Duty Group 1, Lifetime frame warranty; 2-year electronics warranty; 2-year drivetrain warranty Red, Blue  Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Scooter